Nevada Republican Rep. Joe Heck was linked to presidential nominee Donald Trump by a major union Friday to discredit him among Latino voters.

Heck has been campaigning to win the Senate seat of retiring Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid in the upcoming November election. He leads in most recent polls but has struggled with Latino voters. The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) launched a million dollar Spanish-language media campaign linking Heck to his party’s presidential nominee.

“Just as Nevadans are learning how Donald Trump and Joe Heck think alike on immigration and other issues, it’s time voters know where Joe Heck and Donald Trump really stand on education,” SEIU Executive Vice President Rocio Sáenz said in a statement. “Latino voters have the power to stop Trump and Heck.”

The SEIU launched the campaign with a television spot targeted at Latino voters. The commercial primarily focused on education policy while reminding voters that the two Republicans also share similar views on immigration. Trump has made strict immigration policies a cornerstone of his campaign.

“On education, Joe Heck and Donald Trump have a dangerous agenda,” the television spot stated. “Joe Heck and Trump share a dangerous agenda for Nevada.”

Heck has struggled to earn support among Latino voters. A Latino Decisions poll found only 13 percent of Latinos were certain they would vote for him. The same poll found his Democratic rival Catherine Cortez Masto at 45 percent.

Trump has made immigration a cornerstone of his campaign. He has called for tougher border policies and a temporary ban on Muslims coming from regions known for terrorism. His proposed ban came after a series Islamic-terrorist attacks in Paris last November.

The SEIU developed the media campaign with the advocacy group iAmerica Action. The seat is going to be incredibly important as Republicans fight to take over the seat amidst an otherwise uphill national map.

The SEIU is not alone with many other unions relentlessly attacking Trump. The AFL-CIO has worked to use its vast political influence to convince working families not to support him. The union has mobilized members and supporters on the grassroots level throughout the election.

Trump has been able to win over some support within the labor movement. The National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) made its first-ever presidential endorsement March 30 in favor of the outspoken candidate. A modest list of other unions has also endorsed him.

Heck has held a congressional district in the state since 2011. Nevada voters will have the chance to decide between the Senate hopefuls Nov. 8 when regular voting begins.

The Trump and Heck campaigns did not respond to requests for comment by InsideSources.