Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) as been in the national news after making (yet another) series of anti-Semitic remarks.  Though the New Hampshire delegation has been oddly silent about Rep. Omar’s suggestion that the Jews are using their money to control the US government, this longtime Israel basher/Louis Farrakhan ally has even been called out by Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the NYTimes.  Which is what make state rep. Sherry Frost’s tweet so noteworthy:


Even after it was clear that her fellow progressives had abandoned the hate-slinging Ilhan, Rep. Frost offered her support.  And in the fever swamps of the far-Left, it probably bought Frost a few points.

So what, you ask? Good questions.  Rep. Frost is hardly a leader in the NH Democratic Party. Many of her fellow Democrats dismiss her as a Twit-islator (as in “Twitter” and “legislator”) rather than a legislative player.  But the same could be said of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who has no significant committee assignments but a million Twitter followers and, it could be argued, is the most influential Democrat in America today.

Rep. Frost is not.  But it is an interesting question to ask just what percentage of the NH Democratic coalition–which includes Bernie-style Socialists who simply register and vote in Democratic primaries–does she represent?  And is the thinking by the NH Dem House leadership that they need Rep. Frost as part of a strategy to keep those more far-Left voters engaged? If not, why is she able to get away with this:


This is a tweet calling Trump supporters “Nazis.”  Rep. Frost saw it, liked it and posted in her public Twitter feed–thus forwarding it to her followers.  Are Speaker Shurtleff and the NH House leadership really OK with its members calling people who support the President of the United States “Nazis?” In public?

For decades, New Hampshire politicos have taken pride in the fundamental moderation and level-headedness of their electorate. A reminder: The last two POTUS candidates to carry New Hampshire in the primaries were Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.  The latter came within 0.5 percent of beating Hillary Clinton. And while it’s a national poll, the far-Left magazine The Nation says their polling finds that Millennials support the Green New Deal by a 30-point margin.

This is not your grandfather’s–or Gordon Humphrey’s– Granite State electorate.  Rep. Frost’s support for anti-Semites and “Nazi” attacks may have put her on the wrong side of history, but she may be on the side of the future of the Democratic Party.