Despite the fact that her Democratic primary opponent has a far more pro-abortion position, former state senator Molly Kelly has received the endorsement of Planned Parenthood in her race for governor.  And now people are starting to ask why.

Like Planned Parenthood, former Portsmouth mayor Steve Marchand supports taxpayer-funded abortions, as well as access to legal abortion at any point during a pregnancy–including for minor children without parental consent. It’s hard to imagine a more pro-Planned Parenthood candidate anywhere in the country.

Meanwhile, according to NHPR’s Senior Political Reporter Josh Rogers, “Molly Kelly has been asked about this [taxpayer-funded abortion] repeatedly and she’s never clearly staked out a position.” He described her position on taxpayer-funding for abortion as “murky.”

“Here’s what she said almost a month ago: ‘I am going to put out a policy and you will be one of the first to see that, that will be very clear, as I’ve said, on where I stand, where I’ve always stood,'” Rogers said.

When the NHPR host asked: “So, Molly Kelly has no clear stance on taxpayer funding of abortion?”, Rogers replied “No, and one interesting thing about this is that Planned Parenthood does support that.”

In fact, Kelly announced at a recent candidate forum in Nashua that she did, in fact, support forcing taxpayers to fund abortion:

“As your governor I promise you, that all women–all women–no matter, regardless of your income will have access to a safe, legal abortion. Period.”

Since then, however, Kelly has largely dodged the issue, touting her support for Planned Parenthood and abortion rights but, unlike her opponent, refusing to lay out her specific policies or positions.  As a result, her actual position on the issue remains murky.

Perhaps that’s one reason Kelly has declined to participate in numerous debates and candidate forums as the primary vote nears.

From the Marchand campaign: