On the heels of news he’s struggling among GOP primary voters in the Granite State, a new Morning Consult poll finds Trump’s popularity–both across the nation and in New Hampshire–is at an all-time low.  This despite other polling showing Trump’s support steady or even growing.

According to Morning Consult’s state-by-state breakdown, Trump’s approval has fallen from a 45-44 percent (net +1) approval when he took office to a net -11, 43-54 percent in March. His numbers in Iowa have experienced an every worse decline, from a 49 percent approval to 43 percent today.

This is in stark contrast to Trump’s numbers from the GOP-friendly Rasmussen Reports polling, whose daily tracking poll has had Trump around 50 percent of late. However, the Real Clear Politics average of polls finds Trump around 41-53 percent, more in line with 41-54 percent national margin in the Morning Consult poll.

If there’s a bright spot it’s that President Trump continues to have the support of the GOP. The question is how those Republicans will fare in the November midterms when they have to face the voters–but Trump doesn’t.