With the First-In-The-Nation Primary being held Tuesday, InsideSources and NH Journal wanted to give readers a view of some of the candidates’ events in the Granite State. A blizzard on Monday meant we could not make it to all the events we planned, but here is some of what we saw on the ground as campaigns prepared for the primary.

As a former campaign operative, I was not surprised to see Hillary Clinton’s team working during the Super Bowl, but I was surprised I did not even see a TV in the office.

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan was in New Hampshire to support Chris Christie.

If you want to understand why Donald Trump dominates most polls, it’s because of this: a Trump rally is a media circus. If you attend a rally of any other candidate, press just walks right in and will find a place to set up in the press area. As a former political operative, my job was to wrangle press in the late stages of a general election presidential campaign. I have never seen as much media attend a campaign rally as was at Trump’s event Monday night.