The Carson campaign sent out word Tuesday afternoon that the doctor is calling for a private meeting of the five remaining GOP presidential candidates before Thursday night’s debate in Detroit to discuss striking a more civil tone.

Here’s the release:

Dr. Ben Carson Calls for a Meeting of all Five GOP Presidential                                     Candidates Prior to the Upcoming Debate in Detroit

Alexandria, Virginia, — March 1, 2016 – Concerned with the lack of civility currently being displayed in the race for the GOP presidential nomination, Dr. Ben Carson is personally calling for a private meeting of all of the candidates in Detroit, Michigan before the FOX News GOP debate scheduled this Thursday, March 3, 2016.

“The American People deserve so much more from the candidates who are seeking the most powerful position in the free world, and I share their concern that this race has taken a turn for the worse, to the point of embarrassment on the world stage,” said Dr. Carson. “A house divided cannot stand, and it is imperative the Republican Party exhibit unity by the candidates coming together with a pledge to talk about the many serious problems facing our country, instead of personally attacking each other.”

“If we are to defeat our democratic opponent in the general election this November, we must reach an agreement together each other that we will not succumb to the media’s desire for a fight on the stage in Detroit,” Dr. Carson added. “I am confident that the five remaining candidates can rise above the sophomoric attacks of past encounters and have a serious discussion about substantive issues and how we will lead our nation forward toward a more prosperous and secure future. America’s children and grandchildren are depending on us to fight for them and future generations, not fight each other.”

Today, Dr. Carson began reaching out to each candidate personally by phone in the hopes that this meeting can occur in the hours before the debate later this week.

Carson’s entreaty comes as mocking insults among the Republican front-runners Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio have devolved on the campaign trail to a level rarely if ever seen in a presidential race.

Trump at one point this week staggered about behind a lectern splashing water from a plastic bottle in what was apparently an exaggerated physical satire of one of the seminal moments from Rubio’s political career.

The Florida senator, meanwhile, seems to have decided to match the front-runner insult for insult, making jokes on the trail about Trump urinating on himself.