Editor’s Note: For another viewpoint, see Point: From the Left: We Are Thankful for Our (Imperfect) Democracy

Lockdowns for churchgoers but not protesters. Election fraud. Media bias and social media censorship that’s been worse than ever. You name it — there are plenty of reasons for conservatives to be down right now.

But there are many more reasons to be hopeful. Like a phoenix, conservatives will rise from the ashes.

The silver lining in all of this is that we’ve been shaken from our complacency. Who knows exactly when the tipping point was reached. For me, it was the social media blackout of the Biden family’s alleged misdeeds. But, with so much bad stuff going on, it’s hard to say.

Yet we all now realize the seriousness of the fight we are in. We are no longer willing to settle for minor victories or half-measures. We see our basic American freedoms under attack, and we want nothing less than a full restoration of liberty.

I hope President Trump ends up being re-elected. I firmly believe he deserves it. But even if he isn’t, he has unleashed something bigger than himself. “MAGA Nation” — built on American greatness and American ideals and inspired by Trump’s feistiness — will continue the fight. Perhaps a leader must fall in order to inspire others.

I’m proud to be a Trump supporter and a member of MAGA Nation. We are a community bound together by shared ideals such as that ALL men are created equal and every person has the right to pursue their own path.

Never-Trumpers have labeled people like me deplorables (though we were not the ones rioting and looting); white supremacists (although I’m black); homophobes (although my best friend is gay); xenophobes (although my extended family members are from the Philippines and Mexico); and much more.

I consider these labels a badge of honor in exchange for standing up for freedom and disrupting the status quo.

I’m thankful for the courage that more than 73 million Americans exhibited in this election as they faced hostility and the threats of violence. They chose freedom over blind obedience and social control.

Although it’s getting harder to recognize that we live in a free society, MAGA Nation is refusing to be intimidated by Black Lives Matter supporters and Antifa violence, the cancel culture threatening professional ruin and censorship threatening free speech. The concerted effort to take away our freedom to speak and think independently has been met with a clear defiance proclaiming we will not bow down and conform. Instead, we will rise and be proud of this great nation that we call America — with ALL of its history and glories.

We see what America still can — and will — become.

A great blue-collar awakening has also begun. Not unlike the spiritual revival and reformation of Martin Luther, the awakening of the hearts and souls of a free people here and now has begun. The silent majority is no longer silent. The 13th Amendment abolished slavery. There is no longer forced servitude — in deed OR in thought.

The First Amendment allows anyone to speak their mind and hold their own peaceable beliefs. And we will exercise these rights.

The last year has been challenging for all Americans, but — for conservative Americans — it was doubly burdensome. In the face of it, we still stand tall.

Inspired by President Trump’s willingness to take on all opponents — the mainstream media, Big Tech, Big Labor, the Washington swamp, Hollywood elites, woke athletes, the United Nations and world leaders across the globe — we now understand this is the fight that needs to be fought by the many, not by the one.

And we still can win.