It’s already the talk of talk radio — and some conservative hosts are feeling real good.

Ted Cruz’s non-endorsement of Donald Trump in the former presidential candidate’s dramatic speech Wednesday to the Republican National Convention met with effusive praise from some of the Texas senator’s biggest boosters in conservative media.

“I’m filled with hope today,” Glenn Beck said on his nationally syndicated show Thursday morning.

The Blaze founder and former Fox News host stumped hard for Cruz during the primaries, including on the literal campaign trail. He’s sharply criticized Trump from the right, while making clear he won’t vote for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton or Libertarian standard-bearer Gary Johnson in November.

Beck described Cruz’s speech as “remarkable” and “truly a turning point,” praising the senator for telling Republicans to vote their consciences on Election Day. He began his program pointing to a piece by another influential conservative commentator, Erick Erickson, who was even more explicit about his approval of Cruz.

“Ted Cruz will be remembered fondly by history,” he wrote at the Resurgent, “for standing up for conviction and principle and defying Cheeto Jesus and his merry lynch mob of alt-right unprincipled racists and whores who have taken over the GOP.”

Both Beck and Erickson also linked Trump to the Kremlin, following increased mainstream media reporting on the nominee’s unusual sympathies with Russia. For example, Beck speculated that some pro-Trump posters on his Facebook page are “Kremlin or Putin trolls.”

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