The Biden administration is abandoning Americans on two fronts. In Afghanistan, hundreds of U.S. citizens remain stranded and vulnerable to Taliban aggression.

While they may be alone in a Taliban-controlled country, they are not the only victims of President Joe Biden’s malfeasance. Along our southern border, the Biden administration is similarly ignoring the plight of the American citizen, sacrificing border security for an open-borders agenda. As mayors urgently implement emergency declarations and governors send National Guard troops to assist them, Biden has shown no interest in leadership.

Our nation is being invaded and our president refuses to do his job. He is too busy flying thousands of miles to address climate change. (Irony noted.)

Here are the facts: Nearly two million illegal immigrants—most of them along the U.S.-Mexico border—have flooded into the United States under the Biden administration’s watch. Border arrests have soared to an all-time high. According to the left-leaning Washington Post, illegal border crossings “skyrocketed in the months after Biden took office.” America’s current immigration crisis—and, yes, it is a crisis—has officially become the worst in our history.

Now, as if illegal immigrants aren’t emboldened enough, the Biden administration is considering per-person payments of $450,000 to migrants separated under the Trump administration. That’s right: $450,000 per person—in the middle of a global pandemic and economic stagflation to boot. Illegal immigrants will be treated better than many Gold Star families and even some 9/11 victims.

Biden’s response to illegal immigration is to reward it. His brand of border security is rendering the border irrelevant. No pun intended, but Biden’s lack of leadership borders on treason.

While open-border Democrats may be a lost cause, questions need to be asked of Republicans too. Why are 17 Republicans advancing any part of Biden’s legislative agenda—let alone a $1 trillion tax-and-spend scheme—when he refuses to secure our border? Why are Republican senators voting to confirm Biden judicial appointments while Republican governors are being forced to send their own National Guard personnel to defend our nation?

Why are Republican “leaders” in Congress choosing bipartisanship instead of standing up for America, when the radical Left would never return the favor? While our nation’s border is overrun by crime?

Now is the time for Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell to lead. While he is right to ridicule Biden’s illegal immigrant payouts, Americans deserve more than rhetoric. They deserve action.

Until Biden upholds his most sacred constitutional duty of defending our nation, Sen. McConnell should effectively shut down the U.S. Senate and stall every part of the Biden legislative agenda. He must draw a line in the sand and stop votes from taking place, urging his fellow Republicans and moderate Democrats to stand up for border security.

This is no longer about politics. Securing the border is about the rule of law. It’s about the future of our constitutional republic.

Any Republican on Capitol Hill who works with Biden before he combats illegal immigration is equally complicit in abandoning American citizens, mayors, and governors along the southern border. Whether the reason is “bipartisanship” or not, the Biden administration’s Republican supporters are openly opposing border security.

The world is watching. American voters are watching. It is past time for our leaders in Washington D.C. to do their jobs and do the right thing: Defeat Biden and defend America.