Despite the best efforts of the massive Clinton machine, with even the help of the FBI, CIA and DNI, the “pay-to-play” plan for funding the Clinton Foundation collapsed as the loss of the White House demolished the self-entitled Clinton dynasty. Desperate to regain any relevance, Bill Clinton has put his name to a “fiction thriller” — no doubt written almost entirely by the team of his liberal co-author James Patterson. To make matters worse, Clinton started a book tour.

Buy the book? I don’t think so.

Yet in his abject failure of promoting his meaningless book, Clinton has revealed his total narcissism and reinvigorated the #MeToo movement like no one else could. After all, he could be called the “grandfather” of #MeToo — along with his fellow predator-buddies Jeffrey Epstein and Harvey Weinstein.

Imagine waking up to your former boss describing his sexual pursuit of you on national television. Now imagine at the time of your encounters with said boss, he was married, three decades your senior, and had a daughter almost your age who slept only feet away from where he violated you. Oh, and to top it all off, “he was the most powerful man on the planet.”

That was what happened to former White House intern Monica Lewinsky just recently when Bill Clinton went on NBC’s “Today” show, the first stop on his disastrous media tour.

Given Clinton’s infamy as a philanderer at best and rapist at worst, the “Today” show’s host asked him about the #MeToo movement.

His response was remarkable. “No-yes,” he said quickly, touting his public apology. Then he finally acknowledged he had never even spoken to Lewinsky — much less privately apologized. Why would he have? As the show host pressed, Clinton became so defensive and flustered that Patterson jumped to his defense.  That only made it worse.

In Clinton’s view, Lewinsky didn’t deserve an apology. He would not even acknowledge her pain for an affair he not only manipulated or coerced her into, but also for which she suffered unthinkable public humiliation: an affair that literally defined her public persona for life.

The latest is his stunning defense on PBS’ “NewsHour” that over the last 30 years, “norms have changed” with respect to “what you can do to somebody against their will.” He even went on to defend now-disgraced senator Al Franken, who was photographed groping a sleeping woman while on the job. Charming.

Yet somehow Clinton remains the de facto king of the Democratic Party, which has claimed #MeToo as its own and waved it as a banner of its virtue. Simultaneously, the Clintons have led liberals in mistreating and maligning anyone — ahem, any conservative — who questions any element of the movement — including their hypocrisy.

The same self-proclaimed social justice warriors who marched on Washington in ridiculous pink hats and canvassed for Bill’s wife chose to silence the voices of real victims: Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey, Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers, Monica Lewinsky, and who knows how many others.

And while many have rightly criticized the Clintons’ decades-long friendship with now-indicted serial rapist Harvey Weinstein, incidentally one of the couple’s biggest and highest-profile donors, it makes perfect sense that Clinton and Weinstein would be so chummy in the first place. They were both powerful men who spent their careers pretending to support women’s rights, while secretly committing atrocious acts against the women they purported to defend.  Neither their hypocrisy nor their abuses knew any bounds.

Luckily for Hollywood women, #Time’sUp for Harvey Weinstein. Unfortunately for others, Bill remains at large and on your cable networks. Most of the #MeToo organizers have yet to denounce him. Worse, the mainstream media and liberal establishment continue to give him a platform, of which he continues to try to take advantage. At least in his most recent interviewers, even the more liberal interviewers he thought would be safe bets have caught on and started asking the hard questions.

Notably, each time the former president tries to address the issue of his own indefensible historic abuse of women, the only thing that shines is his self-centeredness.  He just digs his hole deeper with every word. His entire life was built on deceit, manipulation, abuse of power, elitism, arrogance, and evading any consequences for his lies and treachery.

The jig is up now. He has no credibility, and the world can see he never had any integrity. Now that he has no power, no one has any reason to protect him.

No one really needs an apology from Bill Clinton — or Hillary for her complicity and coverups. It would be neither sincere nor credible. Bill Clinton is too narcissistic even to understand the harm he has wrought on the women he has violated, the Democratic Party, and the American people as a whole.

The best way either Clinton can contribute meaningfully to the world now is to exit stage left, stay out of the public eye, and contemplate what they will say when their true Judgment Day arrives. #TimesUp