Quips, quotes, and highlights from podcasts across America 

The Week of July 1, 2021


“Did Biden just say the quiet part out loud?”

–NPR Congressional Correspondent Susan Davis, NPR Politics Podcast, on Joe Biden fumbling the bipartisan infrastructure package rollout.


“They had it like on the one-yard line, right? They were right there and then Biden comes out and says ‘Hell no, I won’t sign that’ out of nowhere! And his aides were like… ‘I don’t know how this happened.’ Did he like wander out of the White House in a robe just, like, shout this on a hot mic and his aides have to run and be like, ‘Okay Grandpa! We have your pudding inside! Haha, he wasn’t serious guys!'”

— Comfortably Smug, Ruthless Podcast, on Biden.


“It’s a man competing as a woman. That’s unfair.”

–NFL legend Brett Favre, Bolling with Favre, on transgender females being able to compete against biological women in the Olympics.


“What we have is state governments saying, ‘Let’s return to pre-1965, and put laws in place that make it very hard for targeted communities to vote. Let’s make it hard for black Americans, communities of color, college students and tribal members to vote.’”

— Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-OR), Alyssa Milano: Sorry Not Sorry Podcast, on his support for the ‘For the People’ Act.


“Trump is gone, but U.S. imperialism — and the arrogant assertion by politicians that America has the right to carry out these kinds of military strikes against people all over the world — that hasn’t changed one bit.”


Brian Becker, the Socialist Program Podcast, on the Biden administration’s recent military actions in Syria and Iraq.


“He was probably the funniest man alive, in my view… He was the greatest talk show guest who ever lived, without question. He is an emblematic, first-generation American from an immigrant background who started out speaking Yiddish, and he decided this country was his country as much as anyone else’s and he was going to take it by storm. And he did.”

— John Podhoretz, the Commentary Magazine Podcast, on Mel Brooks, who turned 95 on June 28th.