After recklessly ending former President Donald Trump and Secretary Mike Pompeo’s investigation to prove the coronavirus originated in a Chinese lab, President Joe Biden has finally been forced to reverse course. By ordering U.S. intelligence agencies to determine the origins of COVID-19 so late in the game, America’s weak and compromised president is providing that he cannot be trusted to stand up to the Chinese government.

Don’t believe the Biden bluster now. When Trump (rightly) restricted travel from China in January 2020, Biden derided the move as “hysterical xenophobia.” Last year, the Democrat vowed to “uphold science, not fiction or fear,” even though there is zero evidence that COVID-19 came from a wet market in Wuhan. More than one year later, there is still zero evidence to suggest the Chinese narrative—floating the wet market theory—is anything but communist propaganda. Yet, for the last year, Biden and the left-leaning mainstream media chose to parrot the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) talking points throughout the pandemic, rather than holding the CCP accountable for perhaps the greatest man-made disaster in human history.

In truth, “Moderate Joe” has taken a weak stance on China for decades. Under President Barack Obama, America lost ground to China across all sectors—from the military to manufacturing. The Obama administration even ceded the World Health Organization (WHO) to China, standing by as pro-Beijing bureaucrats overwhelmed the WHO and increased the risk of pandemics like COVID-19. Where was then-Vice President Biden?

After becoming president, Biden stood by again, cooperating with China instead of confronting the obvious threat, and he proudly boasted about it. In his own words: “I’ve spent more time with President Xi [Jinping] of China than any world leader has—for 24 hours of private meetings with him with just an interpreter, 17,000 miles traveling with him in China and here.”

Then there’s the president’s son, Hunter, and the president’s brothers, whose ties to the Chinese call into question the entire Biden administration’s objectivity. According to the Senate Finance and Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs committees, “Hunter Biden’s and his family’s financial transactions with Ukrainian, Russian, Kazakh, and Chinese nationals raise criminal concerns and extortion threats.” Hunter reportedly maintained “business associations with Ye Jianming, Gongwen Dong, and other Chinese nationals linked to the Communist government and People’s Liberation Army,” resulting in “millions of dollars in questionable transactions.”

And now we’re supposed to believe that Biden will suddenly take a tough stance on China? Only after facing significant pressure from the American public and even liberal news outlets did the Biden administration take a harder look at the origins of the virus. Nearly 60 percent of Americans now believe the coronavirus originated from a Wuhan lab—up from 49 percent last May. What news outlets like The Washington Post once called a “coronavirus conspiracy theory” last year is now being labeled the “lab leak theory” as the Democrats and their media allies scramble to change headlines and shift narratives in hindsight. Sadly, the leader of the free world is leading from behind.

What recent years have shown is that the CCP cannot be trusted under any circumstances. U.S. policymakers would be wise to act accordingly.

President Ronald Reagan may have popularized the phrase “trust, but verify,” but now, after lying to the world at the cost of nearly four million lives, China’s government does not deserve even our most basic benefit of the doubt. Our policymakers must assume that the Chinese government is lying not only to the American public but to the international community as a whole. This is the same government that claims under 5,000 COVID-related deaths in their country, where the virus originated, while the U.S. death toll exceeds 600,000.

Something obviously doesn’t add up, and the American people cannot trust their compromised president to do the math—much less hold the deadly perpetrators accountable. With Biden “in charge,” the lives and livelihoods of the American people will continue to be at great risk.