I ran for Governor because I knew with the right leadership, New Hampshire could become the gold standard of civic engagement, opportunity, and investment. This morning, the New Hampshire Department of Employment Security released their latest employment numbers, and it’s good news for New Hampshire. Today, more than 735,540 New Hampshire residents are employed in the Granite State – the most in our state’s history. 

As public officials, it is our obligation to ensure a favorable economic climate for all Granite State businesses, and the recent employment numbers serves as further proof that New Hampshire has the fastest growing economy in New England. We are open for business and getting the job done. 

Government cannot guarantee much, but it can and should guarantee freedom of opportunity. The opportunities to live, work, and raise a family.  As we continue to explore and advance innovative ways to increase our state’s prosperity, it is important to reflect on our successes to understand the next steps we must embark on. 

We have the fastest growing economy in New England.

We are the number one state in the nation for economic freedom, and the number one state to raise a family.

We have the second lowest unemployment rate in the country – a true testament to our thriving business climate.

Today in New Hampshire, businesses have lower taxes, fewer regulations, and a stronger workforce, allowing them to reinvest in their communities. New Hampshire got here because of hard work and a commitment to pro-growth initiatives. We have cut taxes, passed a balanced budget with no new taxes or fees, and increased our rainy day fund. 

A strong, thriving workforce is necessary for our broader goals to boost economic development and I look forward to continuing our work to again be the jobs engine throughout the region. We’re all about the economy, and it’s working.