Stop me if you’ve heard this before: Democrats played politics with the impeachment process. After peddling the hoax of “Russian collusion”—with no evidence to show for it—to impeach President Trump once, the anti-Trump #Resistance sought to convict the former president for his role in the Capitol riots, failing spectacularly.

Emphasis on former. Newsflash to Democrats: After four years of “America first” leadership, President Trump no longer lives in the White House. Nor did he encourage his supporters to disgracefully storm the U.S. Capitol and wreak havoc on our democratic norms. In his words, on that dark day in American politics: “I know that everyone here will soon be marching over to the Capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices heard.”

There was no call to violence, yet Democrats were determined to convict a man they hate. The fact that this man is now a private citizen mattered not. As we know all too well, when the Left sets their sights on cancellation (see: Gina Carano), they will exhaust every legal and illegal option to see it through.

Democrats care little for establishing dangerous precedents, such as executing a political hit job against a former president—mere weeks after one of their own gained control of the presidency. Their hubris is unmatched. Their recklessness is unrivaled.

Even worse, the Senate impeachment trial took America’s eyes off the ball—that is, dealing with the very real problems that face our country. Lost in the impeachment news cycle was a laundry list of policy priorities that took a backseat to partisan politics on Capitol Hill.

As we speak, most of the nation’s public schools remain closed, as the Biden administration prioritizes teachers union interests over the education of American students. Despite proclaiming that the closure of schools is a “national emergency” on the campaign trail, as a means to attack President Trump, President Biden is no closer to opening them. Apparently, the best White House press secretary Jen Psaki can do is to set a goal of reopening schools for one day a week by May—yes, two months from now. Even as the proverbial “science” overwhelmingly supports the reopening of schools, the Biden administration refuses to budge.

Alas, impeachment was more important. What about COVID-19 vaccine shortages, which have led to mass delays in vaccination? What about the slumping economy, further undermined by new coronavirus variants? What about the pandemic’s mental-health toll, and the surge in depression?

Even beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, issues abound. In a fresh breach of Biden’s beloved Iran deal, Iran’s government recently began producing uranium, taking one step closer to nuclearization. Democrats like Biden have predictably been mum on such developments, even though they directly contradict their repeated appeasement of Iranian theocrats.

All in all, Americans deserve better. A time of crisis is not the time to play politics, targeting a former president (and, by extension, his supporters) instead of addressing the real-world issues of the day. Fewer than half of Americans supported President Trump’s conviction. Even 20 percent of Democrats saw the new impeachment proceedings for what they were: A distraction.

It’s time to move on now. If Democrats can’t find a way to unite and lead Americans through these turbulent times, it’s time for us to find new leaders.