InsideSources Publisher Shawn McCoy recently appeared on a series of White House Chronicle episodes to discuss the future of the Democratic and Republican parties. InsideSources columnist Llewellyn King is the host of the show and asked McCoy and other guests about the challenges both parties face during this period of political upheaval.

McCoy, formerly a spokesman for Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign, argued that the Democratic Party suffers from a leadership vacuum after Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi prevented potential rivals from rising through the party’s ranks. Additionally, Democrats have failed to implement successful Republican programs to help elect and train local leaders, as well as maintain the grassroots turnout efforts built by the Obama campaign.

As for Republicans, McCoy sees devastating losses ahead in the 2018 midterms. He says the party has lost its way as a fundamentally anti-conservative president has taken control of a party with a long intellectual tradition dating back to Edmund Burke, whose concerns over the French Revolution led him to argue for order. Today’s GOP is a party of chaos, and its policies are determined by whatever the president tweets that morning.

Watch the shows below.

What’s wrong with the Democratic Party? White House Chronicle 10010 from White House Chronicle on Vimeo.

The future of the Republican Party | White House Chronicle 10012 from White House Chronicle on Vimeo.