It’s the dog days of summer and the presidential race is still more than two years away, but with its First In The Nation primary, New Hampshire is already attracting wannabe candidates.

This week, it’s San Francisco billionaire Tom Steyer introducing himself to Granite Staters with a town hall meeting in Bow. It’s not Steyer’s first foray into New Hampshire. In April, Steyer pledged to spend as much as one million dollars in pursuit of the defeat of Republican Governor Chris Sununu and in favor of the Democratic candidate in the first congressional district.

Granite State voters are savvy enough to see through the false promises from outside money and glossy ads, so give credit to Steyer for showing up and engaging with voters at a town hall. But his early spending does give Steyer a platform and a stage to himself, and there are things New Hampshire voters need to know about his real agenda.

For one, Steyer’s nationwide stunt calling for the impeachment of President Trump is nothing more than a way to boost his name identification and build his email list for his own campaign. It’s not bad politics, given the state of mind Democratic primary voters these days.

Beneath Steyer’s politics lies very sinister policy prescriptions. Despite making his fortune investing in coal, Steyer is steeped in the environmental movement, and has tried to make amends for his past by funding far-left environmental groups like the Sierra Club who have made it their mission to stand in the way of energy progress.

That’s bad news for New Hampshire consumers, who at the geographic end of the pipeline, already face the highest energy prices in the nation. Sadly, these costs are projected to soar even higher. At the end of June, New Hampshire Utility Company Eversource predicted a 7 percent hike due to a change in supply.

So it would stand to reason the leaders would do everything they can to address this issue. Sadly, the opposite is true.

In May, New Hampshire’s Site Evaluation Committee rejected the Northern Pass project that would have saved the state’s electric customers $60 million in energy costs. Northern Pass could provide a sustainable response to the skyrocketing energy prices in New Hampshire.

But the Steyer-supported Sierra Club fought against energy progress even though it could bring down costs significantly. While billionaires like Steyer may not blink an eye at the savings from a monthly energy bill, hardworking New Hampshire teachers, police officers, construction workers and those in all walks of life will benefit from a lower monthly bill. Everyday Americans live on a budget and shouldn’t be held to the false utopia ideas peddled by Steyer and his army of activists. New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu deserves great credit for standing strong in support of Northern Pass in the face of these overwrought and hysterical political attacks.

New Hampshire is blessed with breathtaking natural beauty, from the White Mountains to Lake Winnipesaukee to the Kancamagus Highway. We can preserve this beauty without sacrificing economic development and suffering under high energy prices.

Granite Staters attending Steyer’s town hall meeting should press him on this point. It’s all well and good for billionaires like him to stand on their soap box and spew hot air denouncing the energy industry. Steyer has unlimited amounts of money, so spikes in energy bills are of no import to him. Even though it’s July right now, it will soon be January and the winter weather will mean high heating bills.

If Steyer has his way, they will be even higher. That’s not a winning message for New Hampshire, and it shouldn’t be for anyone else, either.