Editor’s Note: For an alternative viewpoint, please see: Point: Could You Retweet This, Mr. President?

In the era of social media, President Trump has taken Twitter to a new level by using it to not only address his supporters but also to help set his agenda with the media and his opponents.

Trump uses Twitter like no other politician to express his point of view and answer his critics.

The president’s tweets can be patriotic or responding to criticism of his family members. Some are complements for good deeds the president wants to recognize. And sometimes they respond to those opposing his administration’s policies.

Trump has learned to use Twitter to his advantage in a very masterful way. Like it or not, it is a line of communication the president seems to have no intention of giving up — in the same way President Obama refused to give up his Blackberry after entering the White House.

But is the president’s tweeting helpful? Many would argue it is, but there is a competing chorus of dissenters who think his tweeting is too divisive. Such views tend to be divided along partisan lines. For those who still refuse to accept him as president, everything he does seems to be wrong — and his tweets will forever be looked upon as an affront to their worldview and agenda.

To Trump’s ardent supporters, the tweets are a fresh alternative to the sound of crickets in the mainstream media when it comes to hearing good news about the president’s agenda and record. Without these tweets, many Americans think they would lose an opportunity to learn about the president’s accomplishments and policies.

This is particularly true for the black community. The media have repeatedly failed to report about administration policies regarding employment, housing and other issues that affect black Americans. The president’s tweets communicate that his agenda and these policies are designed to help all Americans and not just a few.

Trump’s tweets also promote his “America First” policies that strengthen our nation’s position on the world stage. It’s indisputable that using social media to demonstrate America’s strength, follow up on the president’s trips abroad and answer emerging threats from our adversaries seems to have brought about a new attention from foreign leaders. These foreign leaders are now taking this administration more seriously because of the president’s social media activity.

The president’s tweets have also motivated others to use social media for purposes of civic engagement. Social media is providing Americans with new avenues of political expression and robust debate. At the same time, social media provides increased accountability for media outlets that are tempted to report “fake news.” That’s a really good thing for America.

As he pushes his agenda, Trump is trying to wake up as many citizens as possible to actively pursue the American Dream. He vigorously uses social media to get his message in front of them and update them on his progress. He may not always use the best words to express himself, but he’s never claimed to be a polished politician who relies upon carefully crafted and vetted language to swoon an audience.

I say, “Tweet on, Mr. President.”