There are quite a few choices home owners have when it comes to ensuring and enhancing the security of their residences. While rekeying locks, installing better branded ones, getting CCTV cameras or bringing in a dog count among some of the most popular, the advent of mobile apps now makes it even easier to protect your home. These apps are the latest in home security system technology and they enable users to simply arm and disarm security system from a distance using their smartphones. But can we truly put our home’s safety in the hands of mobile apps that we all know are prone to have bugs and require fixes usually more than once? Let’s find out!

What Can Home Security Mobile Apps Do For You?

They enable you to swipe your finger on the touchscreen and arm your security system when leaving home and getting ready to start your car engine and suddenly remember your forgot to lock the house. You can also do the opposite – disarm you system using the same simple and characteristic movement. There are also some more advanced apps that will allow you to watch live video footage from inside or around the house and garage or front and backyard areas, depending on the direction the cameras are pointing to. You can even install apps that can turn your lights on and off and do the same with your appliances – imagine how good it will feel to get home after a day with crazy hot temperatures and feel the breeze of your A/C system turned on while you were still at the office. In other words, you will be able to stay to permanently stay in touch with your home from any remote location. Your vacations will definitely be more relaxed as you will gain more peace of mind knowing you can gain access to your home locks and surveillance cameras 24/7.

What Apps To Choose For My Device?

The good news is there is such a great variety of such apps that you should have no problem finding one compatible with your iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, or tablet. You can opt for basic controls or complete home automation apps. Do a little research and read a few comparisons so you can make the best choice for your needs.

Disadvantages Of Home Security Apps

Like any other app out there, yours might also be prone to glitches and temporary malfunctioning; no to mention the case of your prone or tablet being left out of battery just when you want to check things around. Also, as useful these apps might be, they are not able to help you fix your broken locks or surveillance cameras in case they break. They will not do much if you accidentally lock your keys inside your house – for this, you will still need to contract some local emergency locksmith service in your area ad have a lock technician handle your problem, lock rekeys, key duplicate, new lock installation, lockouts, including car and commercial space lock problems all fall under the job description of any authorize locksmith.