The tragic events last week in Paris leave the world overwhelmed and on edge. The death of at least 129 innocent people and the injury to no fewer than 352 is simply horrific. More than anything, all of us should be compelled to thoughts, prayers and acts of sympathy for the victims, their families and the entire country of France.

Efforts to turn the situation into a political football are wrong. At the same time, taking a step back to think about what is fair and unfair to conclude about guilt and blame is both justified and proper.

From my perspective, it appears that for American liberals in general, and the American mainstream media in particular, the conclusions are vastly different depending on what can only be described as an agenda. We recognize there will always be “confirmation bias” to a certain degree. This bias leads people to over-emphasize items that are consistent with their point of view and to be dismissive of items that conflict with their point of view. In my opinion, what occurs inside the liberal school of thought goes far beyond what could ever be justified based on fact or logic.

This past summer, nine African Americans were killed in Charleston, South Carolina by a white racist. A retrospective analysis shows that within the coverage of that terrible event, there was little debate that this was something that reflected all that was wrong with history of white people towards those of color, especially southern whites. Every sign or symbol of things southern—centered on the Confederate flag—needed to be eradicated and apologized for. Whites as a group needed to atone for the act of this single person. Rallies and marches were held where whites asked for African Americans to forgive our past transgressions and wrong attitudes (that persist until this very day). Scant attention was given to the hours and hours of schooling in modern America that glorifies tolerance and diversity and (rightly) condemns intolerance and racism. No articles in my recollection focused on how whites who had been spending a great deal of their lives working to erase racism were now fearful they (individually and as a group) would be seen in a light that was unfair.

Fast forward to last week in Paris. Not a single Democratic candidate for President could link Islam to the murders. Hillary Clinton said she preferred “jihadist.” At his news conference, President Obama once again behaved and spoke as though the difference between his view of events and how others looked at things was a matter of him being so very sophisticated and smart versus others being “bellicose.” He too carefully avoided linking Islam to the acts of terror.

To argue that all whites share in the act of a single, horrible individual in the instance of South Carolina, but Islam had nothing to do with what happened in Paris is illogical to say the least.

It is a fact that those involved in jihadist acts of terror are practicing Muslims. In addition, it is a fact that these are trained individuals. It is also a fact that there are Mosques throughout the world where killing the infidels is more than accepted. It is encouraged. Finally, it is a fact that each and every time these acts occur, those involved loudly and proudly proclaim it is in the name of their faith.

Does this mean that every Muslim endorses, much less participates, in acts of terror? Of course, not. However, is it not reasonable to ask that the millions of Muslims who recoil in horror over these acts of terror to publicly denounce the acts? Is it not reasonable to ask that Muslim clerics throughout the world convene a summit to work towards real and specific measures to put an end to these horrible acts of terror?

The Washington Post recently documented fears among Muslims that they will “pay” for the transgressions of a minority of those who mix Islam and violence. Maybe that is so, and at no time is it right for innocent people to suffer for the acts of others. On the other hand, have these Muslims led the parade to condemn other Muslims? If not, why not?

When it comes to blame and guilt, as stated at the outset, how liberals view things depends. It makes sense to them to condemn an entire region of the country (the south) and all whites for the act of a single person, as terrible and wrong as that action was. On the other hand, we must turn ourselves inside out to avoid concluding that repeated acts of terror, committed by members of a single faith (Islam), done in the name of that faith has anything to do with the faith—even if those involved received teaching and training inside houses of worship of that faith. Moreover, we are to worry most of all that some Muslim who is not a terrorist suffers any indignity, despite the lack of any massive outpouring within the faith condemning acts of terror. For this conservative, it is all a little hard to take.