As I have documented on these pages before, liberal bias in the media is very real, a pervasive epidemic easily supported through daily observation. Only tortured logic and incredibly selective review could even question, much less attempt to rebut this fact.

Equally frustrating to conservatives though is what I consider to be a relentless, unyielding application of liberal ideology to all things under the sun. Nowhere was this blanket application of flawed thinking more evident than in a letter to the editor published by the Washington Post on May 16.

Kathy Snyder of Arlington had a lot to say about a pair of articles that had appeared in the Food Section pertaining to Mother’s Day.  Most of us would think most anything could happen here without fear of running afoul of the liberal thought police.  Think again.  Ms. Snyder wrote:

“What message were the Post’s Food editors planning to leave with readers for Mother’s Day?  Were they promoting heart disease and obesity in the article by Tom Sietsema about his mother that featured a recipe calling for 8 tablespoons of butter?

Or were they promoting poor body image issues for women and girls in Elissa Altman’s column about her mother who barely eats anything (‘Mom chooses style over sustenance, while I’m angling for endurance,’ May 6)?

I am certain these are wonderful loving moms, but it would have been nice to have seen an article or two that promoted a cooking life-style somewhere between these two extremes.  And while I am writing, what about diversity?

Both moms are women older that 80 and of European origin.  What about all the other moms and grandmothers who no doubt enjoy the Food pages, have skin colors of different hues, enjoy cooking for their families and try to create memorable but nutritious meals?”

There you have it in four paragraphs.  The liberal worldview that must be accommodated in all things, great and small.  Diversity in the mind of a liberal would be having fourteen distinct ethnic groups represented on a subject where there was absolutely no disagreement about what is right or wrong, good or bad—so long as it conformed to liberal orthodoxy.  For a liberal, this is what tolerance is all about.  What counts is that every group is represented in absolute proportion to their percentage of the population (unless a minority group is over represented, which is fine and dandy).  After that, what counts is conformity, and absolute conformity, with liberal orthodoxy on the subject.

In the instance of celebrating Mother’s Day and talking about food, what would be right in the mind of the liberal is to have lots of different types of women giving their take on cooking a healthy meal.  Period, end of subject.  No deviations allowed.

So, in my opinion, the sense that liberals will intellectually challenge anything that is not within the boundaries of their rigid ideology is borne of the fact that this is reality.

From where I sit, it would have been wonderful to have someone say to Kathy Snyder of Arlington: “You have too much time on your hands.  Instead of insisting that your ideology be put into place on something as mundane as two people recalling how their mothers viewed cooking on Mother’s Day, why don’t you actually do something to make someone’s life a little better?  We are sick and tired of people such as you never being able to allow the rest of us to enjoy a moment of peace or pleasure unless you are satisfied the liberal thought police have prevailed.

I am guessing there are at least a couple of people who agree with me that it would be nice for liberals to cease and desist their assault on something as unimportant as food recipes for Mother’s Day. Get a life.