President Donald Trump was denounced as a hypocrite by a major union Friday for supposedly subsidizing companies that continue to outsource jobs.

Trump promised throughout his campaign that he would protect domestic workers. He has primarily focused on immigration and outsourcing. The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) is now claiming the president continues to provide billions in subsidies to companies that outsource jobs.

“One of Trump’s most recurrent campaign promises was to protect American jobs from being shipped overseas,” AFSCME expressed on its website. “But something’s changed. After 100 days in office, Trump continues to reward U.S. companies that offshore jobs.”

AFSCME points to a recent report which claims the president has failed to take even the most basic steps to prevent outsourcing. The report notes the administration continues to reward federal contracts and subsidies to companies that outsource domestic jobs.

“Despite the president having expansive executive authority to set procurement policy and past presidents using that authority to deliver on their policy commitments and goals, the Trump administration has failed to exclude offshoring firms from qualifying for billions of dollars in federal contracts,” the report stated. “Trump’s inaction is especially notable given that the U.S. government has a long tradition of using its contract spending to promote national policy goals.”

AFSCME also points to a deal the president made with the Carrier Corporation during the campaign. The Carrier Deal appeared to be a big win even before he took office. Indiana would provide $7 million in subsidies to keep the company from closing a plant in the state. USA Today later reported that only a fraction of those jobs were saved.

The report was released by the Good Jobs Nation and Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch. Public Citizen is progressive consumer rights advocacy group founded in 1971. The Good Jobs Nation is a union-backed worker advocacy group.

Labor unions have been generally opposed to the president since he announced his campaign. They were among those groups that accused the president of inciting hate during the election. AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka even called him the most racist presidential candidate ever.

The president, of course, has taken steps to prevent outsourcing since he took office. His approach has aligned more with traditional right-leaning views. He has begun the process of reducing regulations to create a more business-friendly environment.

Trump has paid particular attention to immigration as a means of protecting domestic workers. He has argued immigration laws need to be better enforced and reformed to protect domestic workers from unfair competition. The labor movement generally supports a more open immigration system.

The president has also looked at international trade as a means preventing companies from outsourcing. His opposition to current trade deals set him apart from many in his own party. The labor movement even praised him when he killed the Trans-Pacific Partnership upon entering office.

Trump has also targeted tax reform as an avenue to keep businesses from outsourcing. The idea is to have a simple tax code with reduced rates to decrease the burden businesses face. Unions and other critics have warned the business-friendly approach could leave the environment and workers without necessary protections.

The White House did not respond to a request for comment by InsideSources.

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